Quick, Easy, and FREE Way to Start Using VoIP with Open Standards

VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) refers to communicating by voice over IP ( Internet Protocol ) networks. That includes the internet itself, and there are several software applications and systems for doing it. Most are chat programs that connect users of a closed network. Some allow you to place calls to and receive calls from “real” telephones . . .

Building the Ultimate Kid's Computer

Davin enjoying his new computer.

Like a lot of kids, Davin started using a computer when he was very young. And like a lot of parents, we want to encourage him. When he was three, we gave him a Vtech V.Smile game console, but by four, he had begun to grow a little bored with it, and was wanting to use a real computer more and more. We decided that he needed one of his own.

Curiosity is, of course, a good thing for a child to have. Unfortunately, Davin's was leading him to explore the computer itself. He was disconnecting cables and pressing any and all of the buttons he could find.

Installing Fedora Core 14 on a Toshiba m645 Laptop

This past Christmas, my trusty HP laptop, of three and a half years, suddenly died. It was pretty a good laptop. It had a 17" LCD panel and an AMD Turion Mobile Dual Core 64-bit processor. It did have a few compatibility issues with LINUX.

Looking at Open Source Content Management Tools

My hosting provider has a Fantastico installer, which was easy and fast. However, this installed a version a few minor releases behind the latest stable release available. I blew that one away, and downloaded the latest from www.joomla.org. Joomla!'s concept of a separate front/back interface strikes me as a little strange. It's unclear to me, what advantage this provides.

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